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 Sony ES DVP-CX777ES Silver 400 Disc DVD Changer

The essential building block of the DVD-Video format is the pixel, and nothing extracts more performance out of each pixel than the DVD players of Sony ES. Precision Cinema Progressive™ circuitry evaluates and optimizes the picture one pixel at a time. Then Sony’s 12-bit/216 MHz digital-to-analog converter processes each pixel with superlative precision. And Graphical Gamma Adjustment tailors the grayscale of your pixels to perfectly match the performance of your monitor. These technical achievements translate into pixels and pictures of staggering detail, color and contrast.

The heart of home entertainment with a capacity for 400 discs, the Sony DVP-CX777ES can store and access an entire library of music, movies, concert videos and home videos recorded onto DVD. The CX777ES also has an omnivorous appetite for disc variants and types. The CX777ES plays not only prerecorded DVD-Video titles, but also Video CDs and recordable media like DVD-R, DVD-RW (both Video and VR formats), DVD+R and DVD+RW. This makes the CX777ES perfect for playing home movies made with a Sony DVD Handycam® camcorder or mini-DV tapes edited on Sony’s RDRGX7 DVD recorder!

  Precision Drive™ 2 System : (Dual Lasers: 1 DVD/SA-CD, 1 CD)
  Video Horizontal Resolution : >500 TV lines
  Digital Output (kHz/Bit) : 96 kHz 24 Bit
  Audio FREQUENCY RESPONSE (DVD, 96 kHz PCM) : 2-44,000Hz, ±1.0dB
  Audio FREQUENCY RESPONSE (DVD, 48 kHz PCM) : 2-44,000Hz, ±0.5dB
  Audio FREQUENCY RESPONSE (SA-CD) : 2-100,000Hz
  AUDIO SIGNAL-to-Noise Ratio : >115 dB
  Audio DYNAMIC RANGE : >103 dB (DVD); >99 dB (CD)
  Harmonic Distortion : 0.003%
  Video Outputs
  Component video output (Gold) x 1
  S-Video output (Gold) x 2
  Composite Video Output (Gold) x 2
  RS-232C Control Port
  Control S Output
  Audio Outputs
  Analog Audio 2 Ch Output (Gold) x 2
  Analog Audio 5.1 Ch Output (Gold)
  Coaxial Digital Output (Gold)
  Optical Digital Output
  Power Requirements – AC120V, 60 Hz
  Supplied Accessories – Instruction Manual, Remote Control, AV Cable, AA Battery x 2
  Weight – Approx. 22.71 lbs. (10.3 kg)
  Dimensions – Approx. 17 x 7.4 x 21.1" (430 x 189 x 537mm)