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 Additional Products and Services That May Be Required

Some systems may require or desire additional programming at our hourly rate.

For example: The IR (infrared) codes for your remote may not be in any accessible databases and we may need to program your system manually, or you may want the doorbell to play a certain tune when pressed and have the living room TV pause the current program and switch to a hidden camera view of the front door for 30 seconds and then resume the previous program.  You also may want one of the LED lights on the keypad in your office to turn from blue to yellow if someone triggers the motion sensor in the garage or opens the side door of the house between 12 and 5 am, etc....

Most package prices assume that you already have a compatible receiver, speakers and a TV or some type of monitor.

TV, satellite and cable TV stations require an additional tuner or cable box if your TV does not have an internal tuner (most TV's do, most projectors do not).

Subscriptions to services such as Cable TV, XM radio, Tivo, Satelite TV, internet service, online hosting for internet cameras, remote system access, etc. are not included in package pricing.

Speaker Pointsrequire speakers in order to work.  They are an audio distribution device with a built in amplifier that your speakers will connect directly to.

Some light switches may not have a neutral wire or ground routed to the switch and will require rewiring by an electrician if you desire to put a controlled switch or dimmer in that location.

Some components may not have discrete On and Off codes (the same IR code is used to turn the device on and off).  In order to avoid problems that may arise from the system not knowing if a component is on or off may require the installation of a wireless outlet switch that can use power sensing and be programmed to know if a device is on or off.

For example: The XM radio is currently playing in the living room and someone in a bedroom decides they would like to listen to XM... the second room sends a signal to turn on the XM radio but actually turns it off.

A home network and internet access may be desired to get the full potential out of your particular system.

For example: Wireless components that use WiFi protocol cannot be used without a wireless router, and the cover art for your MP3's and the movies in your DVD changer cannot be pulled up without internet access.

Network cable may need to be routed to the appropriate locations.

A newer wireless router with better range may be needed, as well as additional Wi-Fi access points depending on the size of the house and the construction material (concrete walls, and the steel mesh in stucco tend to block signals.... as do certain electronic devices).

Running of speaker wire through the walls may be desired.

New cables and wires may be needed or desired.

A receiver with the ability to up or down convert video signals may be desired to eliminate the number of wires sent to a video monitor (more important if you don't want the audio/video components mounted near the monitor).  Receiver's with multiple inputs are also desired for connectivity of multiple components (ex: DVD changer, single DVD player for rental movies, iPod Video, Cable TV, XM radio, VCR, Xbox or Playstation, etc).

Surge protectors are always recommended and power filtering may be desired for better audio and video quality. 

Uninterruptible power supplies are nice for areas where the power often flickers in storms if you are using controller that will need to reboot if the power flickers off.